Where are the Best Adult Dance Studios in Denver Found?

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There are some great places to learn to dance in the Denver area. From hip hop to ballet you can learn it all. You will find a variety of studio offering traditional dances, as well as unique dance options such as Pole dancing, bachata, and go-go dance. Many of the studio’s offer packages that allow you to take a number of classes. Some even allow drop-in participants.

Tease Studio - 1070 Bannock Street, Denver

Tease Studio is a well known dance facility in the Denver area. They offer a risqué dance, which is highly sought after. They are best known as a pole dancing facility. This studio offers a variety of dance classes, such as Pussycat Style Fitness, Burlesque, Go Go Fitness, Chair Flirt, and Club Dance. Tease Studio’s has a shop where you can buy all your dance fitness clothing. They also offer unlimited monthly packages for those who are interested.

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance - 119 Park Avenue West, Denver

This dance studio offers a variety of cross-cultural classes. Cleo’s studio has been teaching dance since 1970, and are known for their African dance classes. They also offer jazz, modern, ballet, hip hop, and contemporary dance. You will encounter happy and friendly instructors who are passionate about dance. There are live drums played in the West African Dance class.

Cherry Creek Dance - 2625 East 3rd Avenue, Denver

You will find the Cherry Creek Dance studio in the center of the Cherry Creek North area. They offer tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, modern and lyrical. Cherry Creek also offers a class that will help adults with their techniques and conditioning. All classes are led by professional dancers who are friendly, and have a passion for dance.

You may also want to consider trying out Dancing the Soul on Jersey Street or La Rumba on West 9th Avenue.

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